AbOuT mE!!!!! :o)

As I sAiD bEfOrE, i'M gAmZeE, bUt YoU cAn CaLl Me GaM :o) i'M a DuDe, I'm GaY, aNd I uSe He/HiM pRoNoUnS. mOsT oF mY fReE tImE iS sPeNt DrAwInG, lIsTeNiNg To Or MaKiNg MuSiC, pLaYiN gAmEs, AnD cHiLlIn WiTh My AwEsOmE bRoS. i'M a DuMb ClOwN aSs MoThErFuCkEr. I'm A sUcKeR fOr EaRlY-lAtE 2000s cUlTuRe, WhIcH iS pReTtY eViDeNt. BeIn NoStAlGiC mAkEs Me HaPpY! fUcK cRiNgE cUlTuRe :o) I lOvE mY fRiEnDs MoRe ThAn PrEtTy MuCh EvErYtHiNg. ThEy KeEp My DuMb AsS gRoUnDeD, aNd In ReTuRn, ThEy GeT tO cHiLl WiTh My ClOwN aSs. PoInT iS, mY fRiEnDs ArE sOmE wIcKeD cHiLl MoThErFuCkErS.

mY fAvOrItE gAmE oF aLl TiMe Is LiSa ThE pAiNfUl RpG. fUcKiN pLaY tHaT sHiT. sToP rEaDiNg AnD gO pLaY iT.

hErE's SoMe PiCs Of Me :oD HoNk