:o) HoNk HoNk
LiNkS n ShIt

CoOl LiNkS!

HeRe ArE sOmE aSsOrTeD wEbSiTeS i LiKe To FuCk ArOuNd On.

PoKeMoN sHoWdOwN aNd PoKeMoN vOrTeX aRe FuN aS hElL wHeN iT cOmEs To BrOwSeR pOkEmOn GaMeS.
vImM's LaIr Is My Go-To SiTe FoR rOmS.
wInDoWs93 Is ThE bEsT sHiT eVeR. tRuSt Me On ThIs OnE.
MuSiC fOr PrOgRaMmInG nEvEr FaIlS tO gEt Me In My FuCkIn ZoNe.
OmGmObC hAs A bUnCh Of OlD oMgPoP gAmEs, It'S gReAt.
My80StV hAs OlD cArToOnS aNd ShOwS. gIvEs Ya ThAt AuThEnTiC 80s-90S eXpErIeNcE.
tOoNtOwN rEwRiTtEn Is A tOoNtOwN pRiVaTe SeRvEr. It PrEsErVeS eVeRyThInG fRoM tHe OrIgInAl ToOnToWn, AnD eVeN aDdS sOmE nEw ShIt.
EsCaRgOt Is A cLaSsIc MsN sErVeR.
nOeXcUsElIsT cAn TeAcH yOu PrEtTy MuCh AnYtHiNg.
PhOtOmOsH cAn MaKe SoMe CoOl GlItChY gIfS.
sErIaL eXpErImEnTs LaIn Is A pErSoNaL fAvOrItE aNiMe Of MiNe, AnD i'M nOt EvEn An AnImE gUy. AbSoLuTeLy WoRtH cHeCkInG oUt.